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If you're looking for ultimate relaxation, seeking "pain relief", or need treatment for an injury or trauma  - you've come to the right place. The specialized massage therapist, Ruth Mueller at "Massage 4 U" is committed to your comfort and satisfaction.
Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - even anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, diabetes and many other diseases.
This is your time to relax and escape and take care of your health.
Choose from a variety of services:
  • Swedish Massage   
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage 
  • NMT, Neuromuscular Massage 
  • Myofascial Release
  • Foot Therapy
  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation Massage
  • Range of Motion in Joints 
  • Outpatient Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
Also known as "Full Body relaxation" massage. The Massage Therapist uses lighter, soothing, repetitive massage strokes. This Massage will work out some muscle tightness, but focuses more on increasing blood circulation, helps to move out lactic acid (which is a by product of muscle contraction) and relaxing the nervous system. Afterwards, people usually feel a little bit tired and refreshed at the same time. This Massage modality is recommended for everybody, especially for people who deal with a great amount of "stress" in their lives. 
Elderly people benefit from the Swedish Massage as well. They usually don't like a lot of pressure, but seek more of the safe, comfortable healing touch. 
Deep Tissue
The Deep Tissue massage is used for therapeutic benefits. The Massage Therapist uses more firm, harder pressure to relieve muscle tension, break up adhesions and muscle knots, increase blood flow, and helps with getting rid of toxins. Anybody who experiences some body discomfort, aches and pains can benefit from Deep Tissue work. Patients who suffer from headaches, migraines, back and neck pain or injuries, shoulder problems, sciatica, knee or any leg injuries, TMJ, Neuropathy in their feet, plantar fashitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, can get tremendous relief from this Therapy. Patients usually feel so much better after the massage. Their pain levels have dropped, the muscle tension has decreased, muscles feel more loose and flexible. 

Sports Massage
The Sports Massage is perfect for "all ages" athletes who want to improve performance, increase flexibility, or recover from sports injuries. 
The pre-event massage focuses on reducing muscle tension, and stretching for optimal range of motion. Massage helps prevent muscle pulls and tears. 
The post-event massage focuses on reducing edema, and flushing out lactic acid. 

NMT Neuromuscular Massage
Better known as "Trigger Points" massage. Trigger points are predictable sore spots in the body, which refer the pain also to a different area in your body. Because, of those referred patterns and "The Bodies tissue connections" people can experience knee pain, when really they have tight upper leg muscles.  The Therapist uses steady and firm pressure and relieves 
The Trigger Points. 

Myofascial Massage
Is a tissue therapy to increase muscle immobility and pain.  

Foot Therapy
Patients, who suffer from neuropathy in their feet (due to diabetes), or suffer from plantar fasciitis (due to inflexible and tight shoes) can benefit from Foot Therapy. The Therapist works on muscles which connect from the knee all the way to under the feet and loosens them up. 

Post Surgery Massage
This massage therapy is usually used (6-8 weeks) after surgery and recovery and healing has completed and the medical Doctor has given his verbally condensment for the patient to seek Massages. The Therapist uses different strokes and friction to smooth out scar tissue and adhesions. This is 
especially important for preventing muscle tissue and fascia growing and connecting with nerve tissue together. 

Range of Motion in Joints
This therapy is used to reduce muscle tension, tight tendons and ligaments. It can be done in different modalities. The therapist can actively move the joints, or passively assist. Everybody can benefit from this therapy, but it is highly recommended for patients with knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, or elbow injury/surgery. 

Outpatient Massage Therapy
The massage Therapist can massage you at the comfort of your home. Please, note that this service is just available for established clientele to insure the Therapist safety. 

Not sure what treatment is right for you? Talk to Ruth Mueller, LMT about your health history and which massage would best suit you.

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